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Based on the work of completion of an employee, Pousada da Vigia executed the project of inserting items from regional handicrafts in various areas of development, with the goal of enhancing our culture through the crafts of Santa Catarina as differential item in hospitality. Handcrafted with careful finishing and dyeing using natural raw materials such as cotton, silk, clay, fiber, wood and seeds, rescuing and promoting the culture of Florianópolis, and taking tourists on a journey through the cultural universe of the place.

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Decoration and outfit of plaid flats were used in loom with cotton thread having as seeds finish Garapuvu * (tree symbol Florianópolis), contrasting with the pillowcases in 100% cotton fabric with strong colors. In frame wall sconces and using bamboo and fiber.

Blankets in tear mixing cotton yarn and silk finished açaí seeds, made by artisan hand-loomed North of Florianópolis Island. Mandalas on the walls woodwork, Brazilian and quartz crystal stones. Sconces with wooden patina techniques, Limed and coconut fibers.

In the social area is the highlight for ceramics made of pure clay, with a very old technique called "burnished" which uses stones and seeds for their polish and then fired at 800 degrees, portray the Ox Papaya, folklore the island, a of the most popular events of the Santa Catarina coast, as well as horse, goat, cowboy, bernúncia, maricota figures of popular merriment. It is a version of Santa Catarina in the frolics Bumba-meu-boi known as the North and Northeast of Brazil.

The tea lights are produced with artisan production techniques that mix textures, colors and shapes. Highlight elements of the Azorean culture as bobbin lace, and the vine St. John, taken from the Atlantic Forest of Florianópolis, whose only purpose was to hamper today complement the decor of the artisan pieces.

* It is a native species of the fastest growing and annually produces abundant fruits and seeds. Semidevastadas common in the forests of slopes, located near the coast.