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Julio Leg family acquired in 1998 and known by the natives as the "Governor's House" property.
The initial goal was the realization of an old dream: to transfer the family home to Florianopolis and enjoy there, along with friends and family, a better quality of life.

  • Pousada da Vigia

Given the exuberance of the unique beauty of the place, the idea of ​​turning it into a Pousada so that more people could share that true earthly paradise.
Why Pousada da Vigia?

Because Costão in the Pond, where it was built more than a quarter century, acquired in the former Governor Celso Ramos (1961-1966), the area there Stones Watch calls.

  • pousada_da_vigia_florianopolis

The fishermen, descendants of Azorean settlers who arrived in 1746, following even today, a tradition of over 250 years, taking turns to watch over these stones and locate schools of fish (especially mullet), while the others lie on the beach readiness, watching intently and wags its indicative gestures and, hearing their screams and whistles, swiftly drive their boats, fitted with large networks.