+55 48 3284 - 1789


The Inn is located at Beach Pond, north of the island, between Ponta das Canas and Playa Brava, 37km from the center of Florianópolis, in a cove 800m beach with calm sea, with the warmer waters of the island, ideal for those who want a real rest.

Beira North Sea or Airport just follow the signs to the north of the island; take SC Highway 401, when you arrive at the end of the rod Ingleses turn right towards Praia Brava; walk about 7 km to the end of this road, then bend right again (ref. Chico supermarket around the corner) and then the first left towards Pond (ref. Bambam supermarket on the corner); go straight, so pass the Morro of the Pond B to your right, do not make the turn that asphalt does, but go straight and go on a road pavement type easement beside a high stone wall to, this is the street of the Inn, Canon Walmor Castro Street, 291; walk over 200 meters. If you want you can call: 48 3284.1789..

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