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  • Sewage treatment system
  • Waste sorting
  • Energy saving device for apartments
  • . 5; "> Lamps economical throughout the inn
  • Guest awareness to reduce washing towels, saving water and energy, as well as considerably reducing chemicals that can pollute and destroy the environment
  • The use of biodegradable cleaning products
  • Of solar water heating system for swimming pool water
  • . 5; "> Valuing workforce of around qualidadede as fostering of community life.
  • Involvement and participation in activities developed by the local community, such as sponsoring the football team, sacred festivals, neighborhood association.
  • . 5; "> offers every year as the fishing community thanks to the Fisherman's Feast where all fishermen join the party at the inn, in a moment of interaction and involvement with the community of owners .
  • Promotes annual Mullet Season of the inn, offering tourists the typical dishes made ​​with fresh mullet brought shortly after being caught by encouraging the tourist to participate in the fishery.
  • . 5; "> appreciation of local culture: Pousada da Vigia executed the project of inserting items from regional handicrafts in various areas of development, with the goal of enhancing our culture through crafts Santa Catarina as differential in the hospitality product. handmade parts with careful finishing and dyeing using natural raw materials such as cotton, silk, clay, fiber, wood and seeds, rescuing and promoting the culture of Florianópolis, and leading to a tourist Travel the cultural universe of the place.