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The Witch and the baby

Many years ago, as in many places, most inhabitants of the Pond had their houses made of mud and bamboo, and the roof tiles were old, large and drooping, which now no longer found, at least not here. The neighborhood was scarce. And do not know why (at least the natives know not to say), but small children attracted witches.

One couple had a baby during the day was a quiet child, but cried a lot during the night. Parents preparing teas him, cradling the baby, humming, but nothing calmed the same. Dawning day, the baby ceased crying. Over the days began to notice that some bruises began to appear in children. Intrigued, one night, the father who had his belief and respect for witches decided to keep a lookout. Down the evening, he saw a plume descending through a gap between the tiles. As had already suspected, had left a bag with chains ready and was placed where the plume. The next morning, heard noises coming from the bag and open it, there stood the godmother of the baby, who came every night to disturb the sleeping child.

Trading Fish

The fish is traded on the beach by a single fisherman who represents the 45 fishermen community of the Pond, and selling the "cento mullet" and its value is given by bid as an auction, coming up costing R $ 800,00 percent depending on the size of fish. Every community operates in the siege of mullet, as well as those people who are frequenting the beach at the time of withdrawal of the network, it is of fundamental importance to the speed that it is pulled from the sea, to prevent further loss of fish. And when it captures large amount is given at least one mullet for each participant.

The fisherman, the dagger and the sorceress

As the island was known for being home to many witches and sorcerers, residents kept their beliefs to explain certain strange happenings and respect for these "beings of magic."

Count of the old Pond one day a fisherman came to the end of Ponta do Rapa, near the "white" them as it is known right slab of stone on site fishing. It was a dark night, the fisherman was alone, and had with him beyond what would be used for fishing, a dagger because as I said the usual, served to scare away witches. There he was sitting on a rock, attentive and patient as a good fisherman, surrounded by the sounds of the sea and the forest, when listening to a "push" scream. Looks around, sees nothing, thinks it was his imagination and not give a damn. A few moments later, another scream breaks the air "push it"... Startles, his eyes looking into the darkness, but again nothing and sees nothing strange realize. Once again resumes its fishing ... and hears the cry "it pushes the stone" scared listening again cry in response to the previous "does not he have a dagger." For these and other, were always protected.

The arrival of mullets in Beach Pond

Today, to the delight of fishermen began to arrive the first mullet of the season. Approximately 250 kg of mullet were caught in Beach Pond, causing a great expectation in the local community.

View photos of this first show in Photo Gallery Trail Mullet and come enjoy live next at Pousada da Vigia.

Magic Island

The Magic Island name, as associated with Florianópolis for its unique beauty, its charm to conquer whoever goes there, in fact, according to the ancient sites, it gives the island in his past have been stronghold of witches and sorcerers. And there are many stories that refer to events connected to those characters who lived here ...

The ancients said that a family that has 07 daughters, the first or last was a witch and in-house 06 children, was the first or sixth werewolf.

Every witch can be recognized because it has a dent in the roof of the mouth.

On the beach Brava exists today the "Plays of Sundara or Sunsara", where a popular witch lived among staff in the region. This play is on the left side of the beach, known as "Corner Repuxo" and the right is called "Song of the Witch".

The Watchers

The watchmen are daily during the 02 months of fishing taking turns in shifts 12 hours - 06 to 18 h or even on clear moonlit nights - at strategic points, one of which is next to the Inn, so the choice of behalf by its founder Julio Leg INN LOOKOUT. The observation of the school is through the watchful eyes of these men of the sea leaping fish; the distinct movement of water when the school is going, or even when lots of fish form a dark spot in the water. When the watchman sees the school, it gives the "alarm", which is a whistle and wags a shirt, cloth or any object at hand that fishermen can see the beach. Raised the alarm in a few minutes the canoes are in the water and the net is cast according to the instructions Lookout. Even though 03 or 04 guards on shift, just a "directs" the siege so there is no mistake, because a simple mistake can lead to losing an entire harvest of mullet during the two months. This is because a school is likely to have up to 20,000 / 30,000 fish, or approx. 40 to 50 tons.

Given the experience of the watchers and fishermen, they know how to calculate the size of the spot in the water where the approximate amount of fish.

Source: Gilberto Coelho, Beto, native fisherman and employee at Pousada da Vigia.

The bid of 300,000 mullet

Include the ancient sites, and the young are responsible for listening and keep alive the story that the beach of the Pond, the 100 or so years of a single bid were captured approximately 300,000 mullet, or something like 700 tons. Never repeated such abundance and such sadness too.

It all started when a fishing day, a woman approached and asked the fishermen who gave him a mullet. They denied saying that the day's catch was not good. The woman then prayed a blessing to them and that would also be a curse: "hopefully, you surround many mullets once they can not get the fish to the beach."

And so it happened. The large school was surrounded by joy and many fish was large. But at that time there was no access for cars or trucks in the lagoon and the fishermen took the boat that managed to market or horseback to other parts of the island and the rest, opened by mullet mullet roe took that were easier to transported with shovels and dug a large trench in the sand from the beach where tons and tons of mullet were buried.

Source: Gilberto Coelho, Beto, native fisherman and employee at Pousada da Vigia.